Kolivan (Voltron Season 2)

The race that Zarkon and the Galra Empire hail from, these purple-skinned humanoids are among the most fearsome warriors in the known universe.

Physical Appearance

The Galra are varied in height, though most are comparable to humans, with Zarkon being a notable exception, standing at an estimated 9-10 feet tall. Others, such as Morvok, are incredibly short, standing even smaller in stature than Pidge.

The vast majority of known Galra are witnessed to have purple fur over most of their skin, seamlessly blending in with the hair on their scalps.

Though diverse in their appearance, the Galra have four common characteristics: purple-to-grayish-blue skin, long limbs, yellow eyes, and pointed cat-like ears. Many Galra are also seen to have rather prominent cheekbones and long, lean, somewhat angular faces, such as those on Haxus and Thace. Prominent canine teeth are also common among them, though not a uniform trait of the species.

Galran genetics appear to be recessive in regards to appearance when it comes to hybrids between their species and humans. This can be seen in Keith, a half-Galran human hybrid, who appears human externally, save for the color of his irises, which more closely resemble to the skin and fur tones of the average Galran.

Their long limbs give them an edge in melee combat, and they tend to be quite agile and nimble.

The Galra are also a long-lived species, as one of Zarkon's predecessors as Emperor was known to have lived in excess of a thousand years. This can also be seen in the Blade of Marmora operative Krolia, who despite appearing as a woman in the human equivalent of her early thirties, is likely much older, as her son, Keith, is at least eighteen years old.


The Galra are an incredibly advanced species, known to have devised technology that allows them to achieve faster-than-light intergalactic travel, through which the Galra Empire was able to conquer most of the known universe in the short span of ten-thousand standard years. Most of their achievements have been seen in terms of military technology, such as technology that is genetically encoded to their species, though it does not seem to distinguish between pure-blooded Galra and Galra with other heritage like Keith.


The Galra as a culture are known to work in terms of absolutes, with success or death being a common motto and philosophy within their varying organizations, such as the Empire as well as the Blade of Marmora. In general, they are strong willed, obstinate, and fearlessness is a trait to be encouraged in most facets of their culture.

In the Galra Empire, the Galra commonly venerate Zarkon in the fashion of a deity, with some having an almost worshipful fascination with their supreme dictator. The Galra also tend to look favorably upon those in possession of immense self-discipline, focus, and grit. This is most prominently witnessed among the Blade of Marmora's leaders, who admonished Keith for his previous inability to let go of his obsession to discover his connection to them.

The Galra seem in general to be a rather unified and utilitarian species, tending to dispose of unnecessary things, ranging from captives to outdated Quintessence harvesting methods.


The Galra are a very powerful species, able to outmatch many millions of species across the universe in both physical strength, as well as military strategy. Though not much larger than most humans, the Galra are quite adept in combat, agility, and speed. The typical Galra stresses speed over strength in combat, fluidly changing their tactics, seeming almost genetically predisposed towards a rapid-paced fighting style. This theory is supported by Keith's natural fighting style matching the same as many of Zarkon's soldiers and The Blade of Marmora's best swordsmen.