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181. symbol inside Galra prison ship

One of the Galra Empire's symbols.

The Galra Empire is a massive intergalactic empire ruled by Emperor Zarkon and later Prince Lotor that makes up most of the Galra race. They are the main antagonists of Voltron: Legendary Defender and combine elements of its Golion namesake and the Drule Empire from Voltron: Defender of the Universe.


The Galra Empire has existed for over 10,000 years, conquering planets in search of the powerful energy source known as quintessence. The only threat to their power is Voltron, which led them to attack and destroy Planet Altea along with all other planets in its solar system 10,000 years ago. Since that time they have conquered much of the known universe, colonizing planets and mining the crystal-producing Balmera for quintessence in order to further their ambitions. Their advanced technology and the mystical powers of their Druids have left them virtually unstoppable, particularly given the scattering of Voltron's components by King Alfor during the attack on Altea.

The Galra eventually made their way to the edge of Earth's solar system, where they abducted Shiro, Sam Holt and Matt Holt while the trio were conducting an exploratory mission on Kerberos. After being imprisoned for a year, Shiro managed to escape, return to Earth and was followed by the Galra, who had discovered the Blue Lion's hiding place on the planet and were determined to claim it. However, Shiro and his unexpected new allies - Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk - soon escaped the planet in the lion and made their way to Planet Arus, where they met Princess Allura and were appointed the new Paladins of Voltron.



The headquarters of the Galra Empire is the Central Command System, which is where Zarkon's main ship and fleet resides. It is located at the heart of the empire and has two planets and one moon in its system. After seeing the size of the base Hunk claimed it could hold one thousand fleets, however the exact number of fleets located in the base is currently unknown.

While there are living soldiers in the empire, many personnel are robotic sentries but their armor is very similar to the uniform of other soldiers in the army. They each follow patterns and perform tasks assigned to them such as patrolling ships, guarding prisoners or locations and manning control rooms. They are quite capable of hand-to-hand combat but are generally armed with (and seemingly over-reliant on) large laser rifles. If they detect interrogation by an enemy they will initiate a lockdown on themselves.


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The Druids are powerful dark magic-users who serve the Galra Empire. They built the Komar and created the "Robeasts". They also store quintessence in large containers that are shipped around the Galra Empire in order to power their ships and possibly other equipment.

Druids have the ability to manipulate quintessence at will to project bolts and shields and levitate objects. Their claws also resemble Shiro's prosthetic Galra arm, wherein they glow purple and cause damage when used against unprotected flesh or even the Paladins' advanced Altean armor.

They can also teleport and move with lightning speed, making it very hard to hit one unless multiple opponents are fighting one Druid.


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Haggar is the leader and most powerful of the Druids and ranked second only to Zarkon himself. Zarkon believes Haggar has his best interests at heart and therefore follows and sponsors her experiments, even those above military actions.

Notable Members

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