Galra Commander, as his page title would suggest, is a commander of the Galra Empire. He and his forces were scouting System X-9-Y when they abducted Shiro, Sam, and Matt during their expedition to Kerberos.

One year later, his ship returned to the Earth’s solar system in pursuit of an escaped Shiro, only to be attacked by the reactivated Blue Lion. He pursued the Lion and the five humans aboard to the edge of the solar system, but failed to capture them before they escaped into a wormhole.

Some point after this failure, Galra Commander was sent on a mission to another moon. When the moon’s crust became unstable, he returned to the main fleet since staying any longer would have cost half his crew. When he tried to explain his reasoning to Zarkon, the Emperor had no patience for this display of weakness and had him dragged away by sentries.