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Galaxy Garrison Headquarters at far right and has a dome on it.

Galaxy Garrison
is the headquarters of the Galaxy Alliance.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Garrison Headquarters is the administrative center of the Galaxy Alliance located on Earth.

The sprawling complex overlooking a bay by the sea. After the first defeat of Lotor, it continued to serve as the command center of the Galaxy Alliance.

It is located on Earth. The buildings contain offices for the military leaders of the Alliance and their staff.

At least one entrance can be accessed via an underground parking garage. The Right Arm of Voltron

Voltron: The Third Dimension cartoon continuity

Five years after the original series, the headquarters is under the leadership of the cyborg Amalgamus and a reformed King Zarkon.

Voltron Force cartoon continuity

By the time of Lotor's return, the headquarters had been almost completely taken over by Sky Marshal Wade.

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