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Ezor was a general of the Galra Empire and one of Prince Lotor's top generals. She has a reputation for having been the "friendliest" of Lotor's generals, for she is very eccentric and enthusiastic. She is accompanied by her three friends and fellow former generals Acxa, Narti and Zethrid. After Lotor killed Narti, she was the first to doubt Lotor's intentions. It can be inferred that she is the closest to Acxa in terms of friendship. After Zarkon's death, she was imprisoned alongside Acxa and Zethrid, before being freed and recruited by Haggar.


Season 3

When Throk attempts to visit Zarkon in "Changing of the Guard," Ezor is introduced spying on him alongside Haggar while invisible, shortly materializing once they two leave the scene. Later, she is seen with the other generals in the crowd as Lotor defeats Throk, then again remarking how the previous spectacle went well.

In "Red Paladin" Ezor is tasked by Acxa to capture the leader of Puig. Ezor toys with him for some time, supposedly enjoying his terror, then restrains him on the ground in front of Lotor. Some time following this, she is seen reporting to Lotor about the status of the Blade of Mamora and the disappearance of the Black Lion. Ezor, along with the other generals, man the Cruiser's weaponry once Lotor draws Voltron in a trap.

 Powers and Abilities

She is impressively nimble, and she utilizes this acrobatic prowess to attack enemies from all sides. Moreover, Ezor has a chameleon-like cloaking ability (similar to that of the Green Lion's) that is first demonstrated when she reveals herself spying on Haggar and Throk's conversation. It can be assumed that she has used this ability to spy on Haggar on multiple occasions. The cloaking is represented once more when she and the other generals reveal themselves following Lotor's challenge to Throk. While the other generals simply remove dark cloths, she appears out-of-the-blue, clearly having been cloaked.[1] This allows her to infiltrate highly secured areas, retrieve information, run reconnaissance, and gives her the added element of surprise in combat.


Ezor's appearance bears little in common with that of the average Galran soldier, aside from her yellow sclera. Her eyes possess visible pupils and irises with primarily red-orange skin. Atop her head she has a long, free-flowing appendage resembling hair that is striped with three different colors. A couple of those colors are seen used with the pattern on her complexion as well, inferring that Ezor may be striped on most of her body. However, as the coloring is reminiscent of her costume, it is unknown if this is paint symbolizing her affiliation to Lotor or natural camouflage to her native species.

She dons the trademark uniform seen worn by Lotor's generals, with the addition of an extra layer of yellow material underneath her armpits, similar to that of a wingsuit, that adds extra surface area to her otherwise sleek body. This has been shown to assist her in gliding safely.[2]


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