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Ezor is a general of the Galra Empire and one of Prince Lotor's top generals. She has a reputation for being the "friendliest" of Lotor's generals and is very eccentric and enthusiastic. She is accompanied by her three friends and fellow generals Acxa, Narti and Zethrid. After Lotor killed Narti, she was the first to doubt Lotor's intentions. It can be inferred that she is the closest to Acxa in terms of friendship.

 Powers and Abilities

She is nimble and she uses her acrobatic skills to attack enemies from all sides. She also has chameleon-like cloaking ability (similar to that of the green lion's) that is first seen when she and the other generals reveal themselves when Lotor challenges Throk. While the other generals simply take off cloaks, she appears. This allows her to infiltrate highly secured areas and gives her and added element of surprise in combat. She has used this to spy on Haggar.


Ezor's appearance bears little in common with that of the average Galran aside from her yellow sclera. Unlike the average Galran, her eyes possess visible pupils and irises. Ezor appears tall, with mainly red-orange skin. On top of her head she has a long limb with is red striped with multiple different colors.

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