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This article refers to the Earth of the Beast King Golion continuity. For the Earth of the Voltron continuity, see Earth.

Earth was the third planet in the Sol system, about ninety-three million miles from its sun, and was the home world of the human species. Kogane Akira, Takashi Shirogane, Isamu Kurogane, Seidou Tsuyoshi, and Suzuishi Hiroshi all hail from Earth.

In the first episode of Beast King Golion, the forces of East and West waged a full scale nuclear war in 1999, killing billions of people. Soon afterward, Galra Empire ships captured the survivors, including Kogane and his crew, and took them to Planet Galra as slaves. Escape from Slave Castle

A few months later, two unknown objects collided with Earth. The Golion team raced to Earth to find magma erupting from every corner. After narrowly escaping a trap from Prince Imperial Sincline, Kogane and his team wept as Earth exploded. Goodbye, Earth

Other Appearances

In Super Robot Wars W, Earth is naturally not destroyed. The Earth in this game is based primarily on the Cosmic Era of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, with some elements of the After Colony era of Gundam Wing, Full Metal Panic, Tekkaman Blade, Martian Successor Nadesico, Mazinkaiser, and the other anime series' included in the game.

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