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episode 4

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Coran Coran[1]
Air date June 23, 2011 (USA)
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Brandon Sawyer
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

Voltron Force must rescue their old friend, Coran, who is being held by Wade!

Plot Summary

When Pidge shows off the new tail-weapon upgrades for the lions, the Voltron Force receives a distress call from Coran who warns them of a moon-base factory on Tarvos that will be manufacturing an invincible army for Wade. But when they try to rescue him, they fall into a trap set by Wade as the real Coran is trapped inside and must search for him while battling Wade's own experimental versions of the Lions.

Meanwhile, the cadets soon learn it's a Coran imposter that's actually a robot strapped with a time bomb and must face it in a fight.

Featured Characters




  1. In some sources (iTunes, for one) this title is "Coran, Coran" with a comma. In the actual episode, the title is presented without comma, so that's what's used here.

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