This article is about the royal adviser as he appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Coran (disambiguation).

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Coran is a Arusian from the Voltron Force franchise.

Coran serves the royal family of Arus as ambassador to other planets and the Galaxy Alliance.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Voice actor: Ron Halder

Coran is ambassador from Arus. He tried to convince Sky Marshall Wade to give attention to rumors of Lotor's return, but Wade wasn't having it. New School Defenders

Coran can throw a plate like a discus.Hungry for Voltron

In his youth, Coran studied with Wade at the Garrison Academy, each hoping to be good enough to be able to join the Voltron Force.Clash of the Lions

Sometime after the fall of Wade, Coran was elected president of the Galaxy Garrison Council. I, Voltron


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