This article is about the royal adviser as he appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Coran (disambiguation).

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Coran is a Arusian from the Voltron Force franchise.

Coran serves the royal family of Arus as ambassador to other planets and the Galaxy Alliance.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Voice actor: Ron Halder

Coran is ambassador from Arus. He tried to convince Sky Marshall Wade to give attention to rumors of Lotor's return, but Wade wasn't having it. [1]

Coran can throw a plate like a discus.[2]

In his youth, Coran studied with Wade at the Garrison Academy, each hoping to be good enough to be able to join the Voltron Force.[3]

Sometime after the fall of Wade, Coran was elected president of the Galaxy Garrison Council. [4]


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