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episode 10

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Collection and Extraction
Collection and Extraction
Air date June 10, 2016
Written by Tim Hedrick
Directed by Steve In Chang Ahn
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

As Pidge combs through Sendak's memories, the team discovers the location of a secret Galran transport hub. Allura decides to join the Paladins in infiltrating the station in order to extract information, despite the rest of the teams objections.

When another ship arrives, Allura infiltrates the ship herself to extract its information by making use of her Altean ability to change her skin color and height, allowing her to resemble a Galran soldier. Shiro accompanies her; he is unwilling to let her go alone and she needs his hand to access Galran technology.

While waiting, the others spot one of the Druids with two large containers of yellow fluid. Keith pursues them and Coran discovers that the Galrans have found a new way to harvest Quintessence, a form of fuel that has also allowed Zarkon to live ten thousand years. Keith is discovered and battles the druid, but is injured by the druid's lightning magic only to be healed by the yellow fluid before escaping in Pidge's Green Lion.

Shiro and Allura are also discovered and flee to the escape pods, but Allura sacrifices herself to allow Shiro to escape and she is captured by the Galra.

Featured Characters


Lance: "Who needs a map? After 10,000 years of conquering, I could probably fire my bayard at like any random point in space and hit a Galra ship."


Keith: "What do you think they have in all those giant containers?"

Hunk: "Well, I suspect that it's sporks"


Lance: "Quick question, does Allura talk about me when I'm not in the room?"

Hunk: "Oh yeah, all the time."

Lance: "Really?"

Hunk: "Yeah, yeah. She's all like 'Oh Lance, he looks so fine. I'm all atwitter.' Then she turns red and she makes me swear not to tell anyone."

Lance: "I knew it!"



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