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First glimpse of the Castle of Lions

The Castle of Lions, also known as the Castle-ship, is an Altean battleship and the home of Princess Allura and the Paladins. Built 10,600 years ago by Coran's grandfather, it set down on Planet Arus and became a permanent fixture there. After the assembly of the new Paladins, the castle-ship left the planet to take the fight to the Galra Empire.

Features and Defenses

The castle features multiple amenities for its crew, including a training deck equipped with sparring bots and an invisible maze for Paladin training, a fully stocked kitchen and galley, sleeping quarters for at least seven people, a medical wing, a ballroom, a holodeck interface for accessing with and learning from stored memories of deceased beings, a shuttle bay with at least six vehicles, a prison hold for enemies that couldn't be finished off, and a swimming pool.

The castle also includes five hangars - one for each lion - and five high speed access ways to get their Paladins to them at a moment's notice from the bridge. The Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lions each reside in one of the four engine-towers at the periphery of the castle, accessible from chutes at the four corners, while the Black Lion resides in the central portion, accessible by an elevator located on the bridge.

The castle also boasts a massive weapons system, capable of decimating a sizable fleet of enemy ships with minimal loss of power. It also features an artificial gravity system, allowing the crew to maintain their biological functions at normal levels without the degradation that comes in micro-gravity. The ship's most impressive defensive feature is the particle barrier, a massive force field that can be deployed either omnidirectionally or be concentrated into a single spot. Suffice it to say, the particle barrier is one impressive display of Altean defensive technology.

The medical wing is one of the most densely fortified locations in the castle, and is equipped with several amenities that make the most of the Alteans' advanced technology. The medical wing includes eight cryo-replenishers, which can be used to keep a subject in indefinite suspended animation, ceasing all functions except for a minute degree of brain activity. How these capsules work is unknown, but they are able to retard the aging process entirely, as well as allowing the body to be healed while preventing any chance of injuries sustained in battle from worsening by halting all functions except for cellular regeneration. The full extent of these medical marvels is unknown beyond being able keep a subject in suspended animation for 10,000 years. However, they are limited, as evidenced by being unable to heal Shiro's facial scar or regenerate his original arm following its amputation and replacement by Galra tech prosthesis.