• AtlantisUchiha


    August 11, 2017 by AtlantisUchiha

    Does anyone think we should have a Fanon? I think we need one, because I like the show! :D. If anyone agrees, say so in the comments, and if any admins would also like it. I can start one, and if we can cooperate, we can make it great!!!!! :3

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  • LanceandPidge


    February 27, 2017 by LanceandPidge

    Okay, so this is just a cool idea that the writers of Voltron may want to consider as a cool alien creature.

    It had a long sleek body, 10 feet in length. Large emerald eyes sit deep within the creature's long, hard skull, which gives the creature a rather intimidating looking appearance. Several small central horns sit atop its head, just above its large, dog-like ears. Large fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines. Its nose is raised slightly and has two long, angular nostrils and there's a small crystal on its bottom jaw. Several rows of large teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and show a glimpse of the terror hiding inside. Fangs long as swords extrude from the upper jaw, then fold back like …

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  • Ralok

    The weirdest part about the original voltron, and something that aggrivated many fans of the original... including myself. Was the fact that every pilot had a uniform that was the color of one of the lions, but they did not pilot the lion that matched their uniform.... except pidge and hunk.

    Pidge/green - Green Lion Hunk/orangish, yellow - Yellow Lion Sven/black - Blue lion Lance/blue - Red Lion Keit/red - Black Lion Allura/pink because girl - Blue Lion

    In every subsequent voltron project this was fixed with the obvious solution of making them have new uniforms that matched the color of the lion... And it worked, kinda..What impressed me is that Legendary Defender took a completely opposite approach with this oddity... instead of changing th…

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  • Pof203

    Fanfic ideas

    September 9, 2014 by Pof203

    Here are somethings I have for a fanfic. I just hope you like it:

    Two mysterious people appear in Twilight Town. One of them is a witch who sends Roxas' spirit to another world in another time, causing Axel to plunge the whole world into an eternal winter. Xion, not wanting to see her home be trapped in ice and snow, seeks help from the second stranger, Keith. Now Xion must go find Roxas' spirit in the form of three Robins. Once Xion helps these Robins, they'll only be once thing left to do: Kill the King of Arus.

    Prequel to Quest for Robin, though not completely related. After raiding Castle Ultimacia, Francis Barton and his cousin, Daniel, take the Moon Glass to Arus' Sorceress Memorial. But a dark sorceress tricks Francis into opening the…

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  • ManikWorld

    Voltron Force Wiki

    April 24, 2012 by ManikWorld

    There is a Voltron Force Wiki exclusive to Voltron Force that i have been working on. I have worked hard on it and you all can come contribute too. Also, if the name Voltronforce Wiki bothers you, if someone adopts the wiki, they can change it's name to Voltron Force Wiki!!

    M+W talk 02:09, April 24, 2012 (UTC)
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