Blaytz was the original Blue Paladin and hailed from the planet Nalquod.


While not much is known about Blaytz, what can be seen in his personality is that he was fun-loving, gregarious and outgoing, much like his successor, Lance. He also had a rather egalitarian personality, welcoming a servant-class Galran to take a seat with the rest of the Paladins-to-be and Alfor's wife. This showed that despite his position as a leader of his species, Blaytz was a fair and warm-hearted man. He was known to favor dual scimitars in battle.


  • Blaytz and Lance are very similar personality-wise, and there are several parallels between them.
  • While his species is unknown, he may be semi-aquatic if the stripes on each side of his neck are two gills.


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