The Bayards are the traditional weapons of the Voltron Paladins. They take a distinct shape for each Paladin, forming a weapon that complements their individual fighting style and skills. In addition, they can be connected to the Paladin's Lions to form weapons for Voltron itself.

Over time, it appears that the Bayards can be altered to form more than one type of weapon for its user. This is seen most prominently in Zarkon's duel against Keith and the Red Lion, as he fluidly and continuously changed the form of the Black Bayard at will. Presumably, the other Paladins may be able to gain this capability, given enough training and experience.

The Bayard's initial form upon being wielded by its Paladin may be based on the kind of weapon that the Paladin is best suited for, as the current Paladins (omitting Shiro) have been shown to have a considerable degree of skill with their Bayards.


User Color Personal weapon Voltron weapon
Keith Red Sword Sword Scimitar (together)
Pidge Green Angular Katar w/
  • Grappling Hook / Cable
  • Shock Prod
Lance Blue Energy Rifle Unknown
Hunk Yellow Energy Cannon
  • Welding torch
Shoulder Cannon
  • Multishot
  • Energy beam
Shiro Black (current) Unknown Unknown Blazing sword (with red bayard)
Zarkon Black (former) Multiple forms:
  • Energy Shield
  • Energy Sword
  • Energy Cannon
  • Chain Sword
  • Large Mace
  • Large Sword


When Alura told the new Paladins that Black Bayard had been "...lost with the original Black Paladin," she implied that the weapon had been lost or destroyed with that Paladin's death. In truth, Zarkon was once the Black Paladin of Voltron prior to his attempted conquest of the universe more than 10,000 years ago. It was still in his possession until Shiro was able to fully bond with the Black Lion and wrest the bayard from the tyrant's grip.

A Paladin's Bayard can be altered to form other types of weapons for its user. Most prominently shown when in Zarkon's hands, as his Bayard constantly took the forms of other equipment during his battle against the Red Paladin; like various shielding and/or weaponry to name a few.


While the Bayards have the ability to generate personal weapons as well as individual weapons for Voltron, they can also combine their powers to generate additional powers.

When the powers of the Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue Bayards were combined, Voltron generated an enormous scimitar-like blade, large enough to carve through a Galra battlecruiser. When the powers of Red and Black Bayards were combined the sword the Red Bayard usually summons caught fire, heavily increasing its attacking power in its fight against Zarkon in his armor.



  • The name "Bayard" may be a reference to a horse in French mythology with the ability to change size depending on its rider, much like how the Bayard weapons change shape to match their wielders.


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