113. The Balmera

Balmera are a species of space-living creatures so colossal in size they are often mistaken for planets. They are actually ancient, petrified animals whose bodies naturally create a variety of crystals useful as power sources. They are revered by not only their symbiotic inhabitants, the Balmerans, but by many other species; ancient Alteans considered them sacred beings to be respected and repaid with in energy in return for the gift of a crystal.

Currently the only known Balmera is X-95-Vox, which is the home of Shay and her family, though it is implied the species is widespread throughout the universe.


As Coran states, the Balmera are gigantic living beings, literally planets in their composition. They naturally produce crystals that the Alteans used to power their ships and the like, but in order to remove the crystals, a member of Altean high society had to perform a ritual in order to atone for the cost for the Balmera. In such a way, balance was preserved.

The Balmera are home to the Balmerans, a race of reptilian humanoids that can communicate with the Balmera. The way they do this is by producing vibrations that the Balmera is able to carry throughout its body to the other Balmerans.

Galra Mining

The Galra Empire mined numerous Balmerans across the universe for their crystals, which would allow them to produce Quintessence. However, they do not perform the ritual that the Alteans did, meaning that the Balmera was severely injured every time a crystal was removed.

Thankfully, on Balmera X-95-Vox, Voltron was able to halt Galra mining by destroying all Galra technology, as well as rescuing the Balmerans from the planet.


  • “It’s not a planet. Balmera are ancient animals. Petrified, but still alive. Their bodies naturally create the crystals that help power many Altean ships. I often accompanied my grandfather to visit these majestic creatures when he was building the Castle of Lions.” – Coran (S01.E04.Fall of the Castle of Lions)

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