Ariel 00 03282012

Planet Ariel seen in Lion Riders Return

The planet Ariel is one of five planets that helped to create Voltron in the Voltron Force Universe.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Ariel surface 00 03282012

Planet Ariel surface.

Ariel is the home of the Lion Riders and many other life forms. On the planet surface, the environment is similar to Earth's Saharan desert. There is a powerful metal ore that can only be found on Ariel, how to get it was lost throughout time. The metal ore was called Corite. The mines on the bottom of the surface of the planet and the temples on the top are connected physically and spiritually.

Ariel mines 00 03282012

Planet Ariel mine.

Beside the Lion Riders dwelling on Ariel, there are ethereal ghostly Lion creatures called Krelshi that are part of Ariel's harmonious aura. They can be found guarding the temple and the mine. The Forge is where the Path of Lions and Den of Creation is also found.

Ariel mines 01 03282012

The Forge.

Known inhabitants


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