Aki as he appears in Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV

Aki Manabu (安芸マナブ?) is the pilot of Rugger #1 and the main protagonist of Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV. Aki is the leader of the Air Rugger team and pilots the head of Dairugger that commands the entire combined team. Despite being prone to foolishness and being hotheaded, he can also be caring and passionate.

He is the Dairugger counterpart of Jeff.

In fiction

Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV

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As a member of the Galaxy Garrison's Rugger Guard, Aki and his team are tasked with mapping the galaxy and examining planets that support complex life forms. Among them were Planet Achilles which the team were fascinated for its environment capable of supporting complex life forms only to encounter the Galveston.

After constant encounters with the mysterious people, Aki and the team wonder about the true intents of the Galveston and thinking about the necessary means to resolve their conflict. After the Galveston's attack on Planet K and Earth, Aki was determined to protect the Galaxy Garrison from the Galveston's attacks.

After finding the natives of Planet K, Aki learned the importance of nature and has since then attempted to do as little damage to nature during any battles with the Galveston.

Kikō Kantai Dairugger XV manga


Aki is the main protagonist of the manga iteration of Dairugger. As the manga is a drastic contrast to the anime, Aki is also modified heavily in this version. Unlike his anime version in which he appears as a young man, the manga iteration of Aki resembles a child.


  • Like all members of the Rugger Guard, Aki's given name, Manabu, is written in katakana
  • Aki is also seen having a fondness for alcohol
  • His voice actor, Toshio Furukawa, also voiced the protagonist of Mirai Robo Daltanious, a series that was originally proposed to be part of the Voltron: Defender of the Universe trilogy

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