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Acxa is a former general of the Galra Empire and one of Prince Lotor's formal top generals. She was rescued by Keith after the then red paladin found her ship trapped inside a Weblum. She is an excellent shot and seems to adhere to a code of honor, having an opportunity to kill Keith but choosing instead to spare him and leave with a share of scaultrite. After Lotor kills Narti she and the other generals question their loyalty to Lotor. Although she was the last one to remain loyal to Lotor she was also the first one to betray him (not including Narti) by being the one to shoot and stun Lotor and attempt to turn him in to the Galra in hopes that her and the others lives will be spared in return


Calm, focused, competent; these are words that define not only Acxa's approach to her line of work, but also her demeanor in general. She is the most level-headed of Lotor's generals, usually the one keeps the others concentrated and in line. Acxa is serious, usually balancing out Zethrid's blood lust, Narti's haunting affect, and Ezor's playfulness. She is also arguably the most competent of Lotor's handpicked subordinates, remaining calm and in control of her emotions at almost all times, save for when Lotor has been insulted, questioned, or challenged. This shows her formal immense personal loyalty to the prince. Despite her loyalty to Lotor, she values her friends more and turns against Lotor in honor of Narti.

Skills and Abilities

Acxa is a master markswoman, typically using her Galran energy blaster with lethal proficiency and taking out her enemies. Due to her extensive experience with her comrades, Acxa is capable of executing complex maneuvers and tactics with them, using their varied abilities to take control of the battlefield. Typical for a Galra, Acxa emphasizes speed over raw power in a fight, charging headfirst into enemy fire, using her superior speed to evade their projectiles by incredibly thin margins deliberately. This shows her knack for strategy, as such moves conserve her stamina while letting her get as close to her enemies as quickly as possible. Her strategic mindset is unsurprising due to her being one of Lotor's personal generals, given that he emphasizes on using strategy over brute force in his battles.


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